Emotional Resilience
for the Workplace
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4 Hours, 7 modules with Certification
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Practical tools for overcoming stress and anxiety, creating improved emotional resilience, harmony and productivity in the workplace
What will be covered
We will define what stress and anxiety actually mean, and why these topics are important for workplaces.
We will look into the relationship between thoughts, emotions, beliefs and triggers.
We will discuss the workings of the brain, then provide an extensive tool kit, around HOW we can change our minds using tools from applied neuroscience, mindfulness and NLP modalities.
We will touch upon general wellbeing, including subjects like movement, nutrition and sleep and how these areas of life can be fine-tuned to further improve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

You will see us on video, we have provided audio downloads and downloadable worksheets and PDFs to support your learning and growth.

Course sections
  • Stress & Anxiety
    The prevalence and the outcomes
  • Looking at our Brain
    Thinking about thinking
  • Emotions, Beliefs and Triggers
    The Neuroscience
  • Proven Tools
    How to change
  • General Wellbeing
    How it fits into our lives
  • Additional Resources
    More information and tools
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Meet the team
  • Hannah Milward
    Wholistic Health Practictioner
    Occupational Health Nurse | NLP|
    Trauma Therapy | Hypnotherapy
  • Gary Walker
    Mental Health and Fitness coach
    BSc Psychology, Masters NLP, Dip Hypnotherapy, Strategy Leadership
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