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"Thoughts determine feelings.... feelings determine outcomes.... think better to get better outcomes"
I AM A Behaviour change specialist, focussing on mindset change and better thinking
I'm Gary

“To live in each moment, serve others and be curious.”

Curious about Life,

The Interconnected-Ness Of All,

The Power Of Belief & Responsibility

And the Joy in Simplicity

Passionate about learning, wellness, personal development and whatever life throws at us.

With a background in Psychology, Computer Science, Management and sustainability, I coach and help people to be the best version of themselves and to think, be and do better in life.


I was born in South Africa amidst interesting times of conflict and stress. My father died at an early age (39) of stress related concerns, I was conscripted into the army unwillingly and saw the stress of a violent racially conflicted environment. I realised the power of good self discipline to deal with stress.

A Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and Computer Science followed by a post grad qualification in management and marketing was just the start of the learning curve. Later on I completed my NLP Masters, became a qualified Hypnotherapist, management trainer and accredited Mental Health First Aid instructor.
To date, I have seen hundreds of clients in a private capacity for counselling, therapy and coaching.
I have also worked with multiple organisations and teams with coaching and training.
On the corporate business side, I have worked extensively in sales, marketing, IT and management and have been on senior leadership teams of a number of large organisations before ending up in a government role working within sustainability and efficiency.

Primarily working with behavioural change I am a strong speaker/presenter.

Along the way I was a volunteer mentor at a lifeline organisation, president of a top Toastmasters club and started in a NLP professionals group that has continued for the past 10 years.
With a passion for sustainability, wellness and continuous learning I live a fit and healthy life in Auckland with a wide variety of hobbies and active pursuits. In my spare time (ha) I also facilitate Mental Health First Aid training, teach physical fitness, marry people (celebrant) and enjoy a life of constant curiosity....

I currently work as a change behaviour specialist, leadership trainer, business consultant and mentor, persuasive communication, life and thinking coach.

With a combination of Psychology, NLP and business - I mentor, coach and deliver workshops in performance, leadership and mental health.
Helping you lift your game.
Life coaching at both an individual level or team sessions for better confidence, direction, organisation and motivation. Find your purpose and values, improving daily habits and actions.
Speakership course - a short course to learn to speak with confidence and persuasion. Improve content structure, voice and body language and the importance of language, process and finding your own style. For teachers and trainers to lift their game
HypnoMeditation workshops teaching you self hypnosis to help you meditate and sleep better and faster with more consistency. Self hypnosis is a skill and can help in many ways - even to help us 'drop' into non-thinking or sleep

Creative thinking workshop with your real organisational issues. With engagement through thinking games, pushing DELTA-THINKING with your team. Improve corporate outcomes, lift performance behaviour and head home from the workshop with a multitude of ideas for growth along with priorities, and great engagement.

Management training that sticks.
Ongoing professional development training that embeds management training with combination of key concepts, peer groups and leader coaching. Giving your management the tools, practice and ongoing accountability to get better at what they do.
Similar to our expectation of physical first aid, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the help given to someone where there is concern that they may be developing mental health challenges or experiencing a mental health crisis. The accredited programme is delivered through workshops and training to certification.
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